Shilajit Essential Extract

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Shilajit is an ancient herbal resin from high-altitude himalayan mountains.

It has over 85+ minerals, vitamins, and many essential components that the body requires for healthy & optimal performance. It is a traditional Asian energizer that has been consumed for decades. From enhancing cerebral and cognitive processes to assisting with physical, emotional, and spiritual functioning.


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How does Shilajit work?

Shilajit works by delivering over 87 minerals and trace elements directly into the body's cells. It promotes energy production, hormone regulation, and a healthy immune response, and enhances the absorption of other nutrients.

What’s the potency level?

Our Shilajit Essential Extract undergoes third-party lab testing for purity and potency confirmation. With 78.3% fulvic acid concentration, we recommend consuming 1-2 pea-sized portions daily for best results. (250-300mg)

Can women use Shilajit?

Indeed, Shilajit Essential Extract isn't gender-specific – it's a supplement for all humans! Shilajit Essential Extract offers benefits including fertility enhancement, balancing hormones, immune system support, digestive health, and so much more.

Does Shilajit Essential Extract help with weight loss?

Incorporating our Shilajit Essential Extract regularly into your regimen as a weight management supplement can assist in a multitude of ways. Even though it may seem like a contemporary trend, it has been an enduring weight loss solution since ancient times!

New Arrival

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