Lion’s mane mushroom

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Lion’s mane mushrooms are large, yellow, shaggy mushrooms that resemble a lion’s mane as they grow. They contain bioactive substances (polysaccharide) that have many beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart, and gut.

Lion’s mane mushrooms, also known as Hericium erinaceus, hou tou gu or yamabushitake, have both culinary and medicinal uses in Asian countries like China, India, Japan, and Korea .

What are the benefits of taking lion’s mane?

As discussed in detail above, the benefits of taking lion’s mane may include:

1.Potential improvement of mild cognitive impairment.

2.Support for depression and anxiety symptoms.

3.Speed recovery from nerve injuries.

4.Protection against stomach ulcers.

5.Improved heart health.

6.Management of diabetes symptoms.

7.Cancer prevention.

8.Lower inflammation markers.

9.Improved immune function.

Most studies on the benefits of lion’s mane have been on animals. More research in humans is needed to validate some of these findings.

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