Allulose + Stevia Syrup


Allulose+Stevia Syrup

Allulose is highly soluble and compatible with gelling agents like pectin and gelatin, and is available in both crystalline and syrup forms. Its versatility, consumer-friendly labelling, sweetness and appealing texture make it an ideal choice for low-calorie chocolates, gummies, vitamin gummies and dietary supplements, baked goods and more.
Stevia and fruit flavors are added to give the syrup a proper sweetness and to enrich the taste since allulose only has 70% sweet of sucrose.

  • Ingredients: Allulose,stevia extract (STG95),fruit flavors(optional)
  • Taste: Like sugar with a mild,clean sweetness and no aftertaste
  • Apperance: Slight yellow,sticky liquid
  • Storage: Well sealed,keep in cool,dry and away from strong light
  • Shelf life: 18 months
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